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I'd rather shovel-shade my shinbones than spend another night alone on the south side of soho square, Where I'm waiting to meet my guy when I said I'd stop and I don't know why I can't. You could hear the blood boiling while the bodies were burning on the south side of soho square. This piece of shit city is starting to get the best of me, tell my old girl she taught me well. All of the nouveaux-riche are out back smoking marlboro, It's too fucking early, too fucking early to go back home. I can feel my body filling up full of gasoline. Swirl it round my mouth 'til my sweet teeth are feeling clean. Always hoping, that my voice is holding out. Do they even listen when we shout? This ain't living. This is staying alive next to each other. This ain't living. And I'm holding on for dear life, brother.
FLUSH 01:26
OH! Trying to find a bar i can wear my Selentino in, where the girls don't draw themselves onto their own skin, some place i can drink away my pain, whilst still hearing what you're saying, i'm never afraid to admit the ways that i'm ever feeling. 'cause i'm only human, you gotta give me some room to breath it in and blow it out, breath it in and blow it out, are we all this way? My own self, at my very best, all of the time.
DRIVE 02:28
Do you fancy a drive? rolling prison's up 2 at a time, in my penny loafers chauffeur me out of town through the dark, we'll drive to fast like we used to. And i know you better than the back of my own damn hands that are held tight together, i don't know who the fuck i'm praying to, or what the fuck i'm praying for at all, but it's there, and i'm shit scared of death and all that comes with it, and all that's left behind. Someone i used to know told me it's the situations, not the people that change. Do you really think we were born this way? I know my place, i know where i stand, I'm just trying to figure out who i am, before my numbers up. Do you ever get the friday feeling like we used to? going on 10 years ago when it was just me and you, your stepfather screaming our names for keeping him awake. But he taught you more to life, a little more than how to bunnyhop a BMX, a little more than how to leave a family behind, like your father.
BUST 02:41
With a soul like mine, I might aswell sell it said an old friend to me, it's a shame 'cause you don't have to strain your eyes to see potential flowing through this kid. Over and over the country is claiming the lives of the youth before they've even began to breath. Living for the weekend is something i've promised myself that i'll never give into. So let the new jersey girls laugh at the way i slur my words, and let the rose lipped brunette saying grace at the end of the bar help me hold it together.
Take the weathered skin, of Mary Magdalene, and pull it over me. Pull the fire to my mouth while i'm laying down, I wana hear ya drown, i wana be around. When it's raining ropes outside, I found a shallow way to keep dry. In the warmth of the catacomb, in the smoke of the old saloon, i'll be waiting for you. Brothers boxing in the back yard, we got the taste for the red rum, you got me shaking at the honeycomb, now say goodbye to our home. Cuz those days are over, yeh those days are woahwoah, those days are over, boy move the fuck over.
You're honesty has got me questioning my own strong tongue you stood your ground for the border, you left the body to burn You wouldn't follow suit or cast your name on the crest with no regrets coming home, this city's embarrassing and i'm waiting, i'm humble, i'm all ears but this angers changed since i was only 15 years old it's now stone cold there's no sweat on the walls there's no room for the poor and our trade is all we're born for and this money it clothes me it's never beside me and i miss the times we had below the floors of 235 cemetry road, it was your home Shave the hair of've my head margarita down my neck smoke the tongue out my mouth like a fox for the fur It wasn't cold like this when we passed through buffalo with Roleo to keep me up (keep me up)
I was born from the marrow of your rib last autumn if i'd known it was the last day, i woulda made it last longer we built the pool with our bare hands, we filled it up with mosquito's now i'm waiting for the shortest day to pass my mothers coat by You are a drunken brother, not a cheating father your home-cut hands are the only pair that i have grown to trust what do you say we keep this going till i'm decaying? Give me strength, nothing more, nothing less, take me home. and let the punch push the smoke to the back of my throat We're cavalry, you and me losing ground to the bloodhound, can you feel the heat? on great eastern street Give me strength, nothing more, nothing less and let the punch push the smoke to the back of my throat
PRAYER 05:09
Luca said you could pave your way to paris, with the combined t-shirt length in this place. Then you just got up and left. You didn't even say goodbye. I ain't seen you in months. Move up, move on, stay strong. You're no Kinsella Fella It's like the city's hollowed out my chest cuz my heart ain't in it no more, and the 7/7's thinned my blood, i'm not asking you to be the saint you are. Push the skin back and let my teeth roll, I havn't tasted air since you grew old, We're school boy choirs at heart. The whiskey dog has let us down, so i'll ride you grandfathers bike through my hometown. Won't you join me in prayer, that the land is starved like i to my friends, When i swim to the fatherland i keep my chin up, When i cut my legs off i sew 'em up, the only way i know. And does it make you proud? to know that i am only you with less years under my belt?
LUNGS 03:11
We're a dying breed, (i'm the) last local in my family, this whole crowd around me's from out of town it's the borderlines that make 'em foreign. Our lungs are leatherbound, Our bones are hollow. I told you to save your money, your skin, do your time, though i know you wont. Though i know you like a brother, like a son to a mother. I told you to get the fuck out of this town, though i know you won't. Through my cocain teeth, i wasn't born with these. Dior, what do you do all day long? Your money is man made though i'd call it honest, sense has called it's last day.
BONES 04:25
A year down and we're out of town, straight to the back seat, that we know so well, but we'll forget before the morning's through. We've got our bags in our hands, our mates in our arms, and ex-lovers but it's cool. We'll hit the drone n' we'll head back home, back to the ones we know and love with open arms. I'll grab my girl by the collar bone and i'll kiss her down, she makes me feel like someone. We said 'Hanson, don't let it go to your head, go throw your guts up, you're not hooking up with that girl again. We'll lay our heads by the devils bones on the southern coast, we're getting kicks of the little man but he'll stand so. I havn't slept for days, i havn't driven for years, but here we are. And if the cops catch us we're fucked, they'll take me down if i know my luck, I'm not sleeping at home tonight.
GUMS 03:41
I've rubbed the southern salt on my gums, when the skin split the blood ran north, does that say it all? whether i'll be back tomorrow at all? I'm giving up on you splitting the water. Splitting the water with the children on our shoulders to let the people though! And through the palm, although you see it all the time, you know that people knew. We'll drink you under, we'll drink you dry, we'll drink you under, don't tie my hands by the river tonight. It feels so good to be cold, and the words that i wished would, now mean oh so much to me. I have rubbed the southern... I hope that we can find our feet, and spend the weekend doing anything but sleep.
HOMES 04:10
We were sons, and these are no longer our arms, and we've all got love for valerie. We'll forget these cuts, they are so equal. They bring us together, they won't divide us or tear us apart, they bring us together, and i'll stab you with my eyes, i'll feel your heart beat through the floorboards, tonight. Then we'll retreat, and we'll rest, until the next excuse. Roam the streets, the sun will rise. Take me home it's 5 and drive. We won't feel guilty for living, for every line that sweats out through our teeth. My cousin, is wasted on, the borderline village that he calls his home. Like our fathers before us we'll make the most of our blood before we grow old.
1866 04:47
We drank the first jack, when my house was built in 1866. Argentina made the man, who scars our arms, and makes our fathers cry. I looked the light in the eye, and took my punch like a man, i ain't a boxers son. We drank the first jack when my house was built in 1866. It makes my tongue bleed, so keep my dry. I ain't coming home with you tonight. Johnny crossed the river where the liquor licks his lungs, get up, up away. Get up or put out. Go lay your bayoné my son, you don't owe this county nothing but the town your mothers from. And that gun doesn't make you a man, you can't eat the meat you hunt for, till you boast of coming home. We'll put it down to a break up and good luck. We'll bring it home like the line i walk from yours to mine. We're losing track of the ones who make us who we are.


This is a compilation of Gasoline, Honeycomb, Bloodhound, P.M.A. & 1866.

Thank you to everyone and anyone who ever cared about this. It means the world.

Any money raised from downloads will be donated to The Yellowhammer Fund. You can read more about what they do here:


released May 29, 2019

Tracks 1 - 10 recorded by Joe Clayton from 2012-2016
Tracks 11 - 14 recorded by Tom Henthorn in 2012
All songs remastered by Seth Engels
Drums on tracks 7-14 by Ben


all rights reserved



Bayoné Sheffield, UK


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