by Bayoné

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released March 30, 2015

Shout out to Smokey Joe Clayton at No Studio for Recording/Mixing. Bob Cooper for Mastering. Josh Leary for vocals on drive and group vox. Loz Clark for group vox. Cassandra Frances for Artwork. And massive shout out to anyone who's helped us out/supported/shown love/appreciation so far! This will be released on 7" on Don't Shoot the Messenger Recs!



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Bayoné Sheffield, UK


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Track Name: Selentino

Trying to find a bar i can wear my Selentino in,
where the girls don't draw themselves onto their own skin,
some place i can drink away my pain,
whilst still hearing what you're saying,
i'm never afraid to admit the ways that i'm ever feeling.
'cause i'm only human,
you gotta give me some room to breath it in and blow it out,
breath it in and blow it out,
are we all this way?

My own self, at my very best, all of the time.
Track Name: Drive
Do you fancy a drive?
rolling prison's up 2 at a time,
in my penny loafers chauffeur me out of town through the dark,
we'll drive to fast like we used to.
And i know you better than the back of my own damn hands that are held tight together,
i don't know who the fuck i'm praying to,
or what the fuck i'm praying for at all,
but it's there,
and i'm shit scared of death and all that comes with it,
and all that's left behind.

Someone i used to know told me it's the situations, not the people that change.
Do you really think we were born this way?
I know my place, i know where i stand,
I'm just trying to figure out who i am,
before my numbers up.
Do you ever get the friday feeling like we used to?
going on 10 years ago when it was just me and you, your stepfather screaming our names for keeping him awake.
But he taught you more to life, a little more than how to bunnyhop a BMX, a little more than how to leave a family behind, like your father.
Track Name: Bust
With a soul like mine, I might aswell sell it said an old friend to me,
it's a shame 'cause you don't have to strain your eyes to see potential flowing through this kid.
Over and over the country is claiming the lives of the youth before they've even began to breath.
Living for the weekend is something i've promised myself that i'll never give into.
So let the new jersey girls laugh at the way i slur my words,
and let the rose lipped brunette saying grace at the end of the bar help me hold it together.
Track Name: Catacomb
Take the weathered skin,
of Mary Magdalene,
and pull it over me.
Pull the fire to my mouth while i'm laying down,
I wana hear ya drown, i wana be around.
When it's raining ropes outside,
I found a shallow way to keep dry.
In the warmth of the catacomb,
in the smoke of the old saloon,
i'll be waiting for you.

Brothers boxing in the back yard,
we got the taste for the red rum,
you got me shaking at the honeycomb,
now say goodbye to our home.

Cuz those days are over,
yeh those days are woahwoah,
those days are over,
boy move the fuck over.